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Educational Counseling

Hima-Aus seeks to provide support and assistance for students who want to fulfill their dream of obtaining an international education. We provide counseling services designed to help them achieve their goals and objectives, allowing them make the most of opportunities of being able to study abroad. We have a team of experts who are highly experienced at providing counseling, education advice, and guidance to help you make intelligent decisions so you can get the results that you are expecting. Having assisted dozens of international students in the past, we can guarantee that they will help you come up with a sound action plan to help you choose the right study pathways and location depending on your specific education goals, preferences and requirements. At Hima-Aus, we will also conduct an assessment and analyse your academic eligibility, work experiences, and English language proficiency to ensure that you will receive the best possible solutions and that all of your education needs are met.

Course Selection

Education is basically like a financial investment. To ensure that you’ll get good return on your investment in the future, it’s important that you choose the field of study that will give you the rewards you are expecting. Whether you’re interested and very passionate about a particular field of study or you’re looking to study courses that will help you get a brighter future, careful course selection must be made to ensure that you’ll achieve your goals. At Hima-Aus, we will equip you with the knowledge and information you need in order to make the right choice. Our education consultants will advise you about which course to take depending on your interests and/or education and career goals, as well as your highest education achievement and work experience you may have prior to your application.

University/College Selection

After determining the course or field of study you wish to pursue, the next step is to determine where you want to study. However, with dozens of learning institutions and education providers offering a wide range of courses to choose from, the college selection process can be quite a challenge, especially if you don’t know where and how to begin. Good thing we at Hima-Aus are always here to lend you a helping hand so you can choose the best option for education. Depending on your education goals and requirements, we will help you find the institution that will provide you with the best learning environment and help you grow as a person. We have many reputed partner instutions in different countries like USA, New Zealand, United Kingdom which will broaden your college search process. We will assist you through out the college search process so that you can find your best fit college. At Hima-Aus, we will help you to find your best college so that  you will feel like your  own home through out your journey of studying abroad.     

Offers & Admissions Processing

Have you made your choice for the course and the university or college to enroll in? If you have, here comes the more challenging part: getting through the admission process. To boost your chances of getting accepted by the learning institution of your choice, it’s a must that you submit all the necessary requirements and take all the needed steps. If you’re having a hard time getting everything in order, don’t fret. We are here to help you. If you don’t have the time to personally deliver the relevant documents to your school of choice, we are more than happy to do it for you. As part of our commitment to make the college application process much easier for you, our counselors will forward your requirements to your chosen learning institution as soon as you complete and send them to us. We’ll do this on your behalf so you don’t have to. To improve your chance of being accepted, we advise that you apply and submit college admission requirements to up to three different courses/institutions. Our education counselors will assist you in your application to these colleges. We will contact the colleges on your behalf and negotiate the best terms for you which include better fee installment payment and obtaining the Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) from the colleges after payment have been made If you need assistance with the filing of your student visa application, we can help you with that, too. As soon as you receive your Confirmation of Enrolment from your preferred university/college, our migration agent will start working to help ensure that the visa application process will go smoothly for you.

Visa Assistance

Applying for student visa for Australia needs to go through lots of verification and documentation, but Hima-Aus’s trained visa counselor are expert who will guide you through all the visa application. Are you looking for a step by step visa procedure? We are here for you. We provide complete guidance in every step for your most appropriate student visa. Hima-Aus helps you from preliminary assessment of your visa eligibility and provide you details on student visa process, visa procedure timeline, and student visa costs. Our trained counselor will also train you for your visa interview. All you need is to choose us and be ready for your departure. A wonderful journey awaits you!      

Migration Services

Range of visas and migration advices/services are provided by our in-house Registered migration agents. STUDENT/VISITOR/GENERAL SKILLED/TR/457/ENS/RSMS/PARTNER/PARENT

Scholarship Assistance

One of the most important aspects of studying abroad is scholarship opportunities. Scholarships Program is available to international students in all fields from time to time. It normally rewards the outstanding academic achievement of students from around the world or when an institution is running special promotion to create awareness of a course or special government offers to encourage more students to take up a certain field of studies. We are committed to providing the most up-to-date information to our clients for them to enjoy any special savings in their tuition fees. There are scholarships for domestic and international students; scholarships awarded on merit only and some that take financial need into account, and some to help you travel the globe. Hima-Aus will guide you through all the process to help you secure the best scholarships in colleges or universities. Our students have been receiving scholarships ranging from full cost of attandence to full tuition. At Hima-Aus, we will help you finance your studies through scholarships and grants. 

Employment Assistance

How would you like to find a way to earn money while studying abroad? At Hima-Aus, helping international students apply for their course and school of choice is not the only thing we are good at. We also provide employment assistance for students who want to look for a part-time or casual job while pursuing their education goals.  If you’re keen on pursuing part-time employment, we are happy to assist you. As part of our employment assistance program, we’ll give you valuable advice and information to make it easier for you to find the job that you want.  

Pre Departure

Have you made the necessary Pre Departure preparations? Your college application has just been accepted and so is your student visa application. Congratulations! But before you get nervous, or excited, or both, you have to make sure that your pre departure preparations are in order before you leave. After all, it would be a huge inconvenience to forget an important document when you’re already at the airport, waiting for your flight to your chosen international study destination.

Airport Greeting

Being on your own in an unfamiliar place can be intimidating or even scary. But don’t you worry because the moment you arrive in your study destination, we at Hima-Aus will make sure that you’ll feel welcome and at home. We offer airport greeting services so you won’t feel at a lost upon your arrival. If you want us to pick you up at the airport, we advise to you to provide all the necessary information to avoid any problems or complications. We’ll need at least three working days’ notice; details of your flight date, time, and number; the full address of your accommodation in your study destination, and the number of people accompanying you in your trip. We’ll also require information about your luggage and other relevant details. Because we want you to fully enjoy your stay, you can count us to go the extra mile to provide you with quality reception services. Have a great journey ahead.   

Gift Voucher- Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend and get $150 Gift Voucher* More you REFER, More you EARN   Valid for onshore students in Australia.  For more: Dial:    0292690551 Email: info@himaaus.com